Our History

The Birth of Genesis Upper Room Church

Sister Rita Felix

Sister Rita Felix

Thirty years ago in the summer of 1974 the Lords handmaiden Rita Felix attended a Christian Conference where thousands gather together to hear the word of the Lord. As she was waiting among the multitudes, a woman approached her and asked if her name was Rita Felix. The immediate response was yes. I was sent here by the Lord to give you a word, says the woman. In the distance Rita saw a large willow tree placed strategically on a hill. Her request was to go and sit privately under the tree to hear what God had to say. As the word was being spoken, a gentle wind began to blow giving movement to the branches and the leaves. As the two women sat under this willow, the presence of the Holy Spirit became evident as a word of prophecy was spoken from the lips of the woman, declaring Gods purpose, plan, design and objective for the life of Rita. It was a prophetic word that God spoke into the life of his handmaiden from Isaiah 61.

Immediately Rita received the word and began to thank God with utterances from within the spirit man. As she turned to acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit to the woman, Rita found herself sitting alone. In the far distance Rita could see the crowd of people beginning to enter into the building to listen to the scheduled guest speakers. Now under a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit, God’s handmaiden stood up and began walking down the hill to enter the building. She took her place among the crowd of people that day to begin her life long commitment and service to God. On that day from the word that was given, God established Genesis Upperroom Church. Today, the ministry at Genesis Upperroom Church and its founder, Rita Felix under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, God has and continues to rise up prophets in His school of ministry for the purpose that God has ordained before the foundation of this world. That during this end time move of the Holy Spirit, His word will be declared in salvation, healing and deliverance with multitudes of souls entering in to the kingdom of God.

“Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Romans 10:13