Leadership and Staff

Apostle Michael and Yvonne Galletta

Michael and Yvonne Galletta

Pastors Michael and Yvonne Galletta

Pastor Michael Galletta, a native of San Francisco CA., Enrolled in School the of Ministry at Genesis Upper Room Church, Saratoga CA. in April 1988 and interned as a disciple for five years under the administration of Rev. Rita Felix. After two years he then graduated and received his ordination in June 2002. Then assigned to co-pastor at Genesis Upper Room Church in June of 2004. Pastor Mike has ministered though out the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and Salem Oregon. In October of 2006 he was Ordained as Senior Pastor and serves as President and Senior Board Member of Genesis Upper Room Church.

Pastor Yvonne Galletta is the daughter of the founding member of Genesis Upper Room Church and was ordained as a ministry in 1989. She has been involved in Christian ministry from a very young age when she attended services held by her mother and was a help mate to the ministry. Eventually she attended the inaugural class of Morris Cuerello’s “School of Ministry” in San Diego in 1980. On October 12, 2005 Reverend Rita Felix went home to be with the Lord. It was at this time that the Lord called Michael Galletta to be the Senior Pastor of Genesis Upper Room Church with his wife, Yvonne Galletta. She believes one of her ministries is to their two sons, Evan Michael Galletta, attending college, and Aidan Anthony Galletta, a junior in High School.

Pastor Yvonne was born a child of promise and has given her life at a young age to the Lord. She seeks to serve him by expressing His love through her to his people. She is a strong support for Pastor Michael and to the leadership of Genesis Upper Room Church.

Apostle David and Mary Ayala

David and Mary Ayala

David and Mary Ayala

Apostle David Ayala has been in service to the Lord since he received his ordination. He was under the mentorship of God’s Handmaiden Rita Felix, founder of Genesis Upper Room Church.  His desire is to reach the hearts and the minds of the people of God; and to bring peace and comfort into their lives through ministry, prayer, and the word of God. He operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the edification of the body of Christ. Apostle David with his wife, Pastor Mary Ayala, stands in unity with Apostles Michael and Yvonne Galletta under the leadership of the Holy Spirit declaring the word of God and proclaiming deliverance, healing, and salvation unto Gods people through the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mary Ayala provides support to the ministry at Genesis Upper Room Church. She coordinates the women’s ministry, Women of Zion along with Pastor Yvonne Galletta. Her gifts of helps with association with her gifts are tremendous asset to administration of Genesis and its staff. She has a heart for women and ministers God’s love for them.

Pastors Fred and Annette Moreno

Fred and Annette Moreno

Fred and Annette Moreno

Born in San Jose, CA. Fred and Annette Moreno began attending Genesis Upper Room Church in 1998. Under the leadership and administration of Senior Pastor Rita Felix, Fred and Annette received their licenses to serve as minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As deacons, Fred and Annette Moreno have assisted in serving in all events and conferences at Genesis with outstanding virtue and integrity. In 2010 they received their ordinations and are currently serving as Co-Pastors at Genesis Upper Room Church.

They have been married for thirty years; have three children and three grandchildren.

Serving Our Lord and Savior here at GURC is BEST described to us in, Psalms 26:7-8. “That I may Proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving and tell of all Your wonderous works. Lord I have loved the Habitation of Your House, and the Place where Your Glory dwells.”